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The Worcester Public Library offers exhibits to assist patrons in their exploration of educational, cultural, intellectual and civic activities. Click here for information about exhibiting at the library.



  • What is the Saxe Room?
  • The Saxe Room is a meeting room that is located at the south entrance of the library. This meeting room is used for non-commercial purposes and is open to organizations or individuals engaged in educational, cultural, intellectual, civic or charitable activities.

  • How can I utilize the Saxe room for exhibiting my artwork?
  • There are twenty-five (25) french rods available for exhibitors to hang framed artwork along the walls of the Saxe Room. Pictures can be hung from adjustable hooks on rods and can be moved vertically or horizontally around the perimeter of the room.

  • How long can my artwork be exhibited in the Saxe room?
  • That depends. Check with the exhibit coordinator to see how long your work can be displayed. (Exhibits in the gallery areas change on a monthly basis, however, on occasion, Saxe Room exhibits can be displayed longer.)

  • Who will get to see my artwork in the Saxe room?
  • Anyone attending public meetings scheduled for the Saxe Room. If you would like your friends and/or colleagues to view your exhibit, you should consider having a reception in the Saxe Room. The exhibit coordinator will give you details about hosting a reception.

  • How safe will my artwork be?
  • Artwork is displayed at your own risk. The Saxe Room is only open when a public meeting is taking place, otherwise, the room is locked.

  • How do I arrange time to set up my Saxe room exhibit?
  • The Saxe Room is booked by the Volunteer Exhibit Coordinator (Sam Lalos). The Head Librarianís assistant can provide contact information for Mr. Lalos. Arrangements for a date/time to set up and remove your exhibit are scheduled through the Head Librarianís assistantís office (508)799-1689. If you are planning a reception, you will also want to book that at this time.

  • How do I get into the Saxe room to put up my exhibit?
  • Go to the Information Desk. A librarian will call a custodian to have them unlock the room for you. Make sure you have them lock the door when youíre finished.


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