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Worcester Clipping File

D-Pak Systems 
D & S Roofing and Sheet Metal Corp. 
DCU Center—see Civic Center
DNA Research - see U.Mass Med. School; Worcester Foundation, WPI 
Dacor Manufacturing Co. 
Dairy Council of the Worcester Area 
Daley Inc. 
Dalliance and Divergence Society 
Dams - see Flood Control 
Dana Corp. (Webster) 
Dancing - see also Ballet; Square Dancing 
Daniels School of Forestry and Conservation 
Danit Corp. 
Dapool Plastics 
DARE Program 
L.B. Darling Co. 
Darmann Abrasives Products 
Darplex Industries, Inc. (Spencer) 
Data Control Systems 
Data General Corp. (Southbridge) 
Data Processing Management Association 
Data Terminal Systems 
Data Translation (Marlboro) 
Datarol, Inc. 
Dating Services 
Daughters of the American Revolution 
Daughters of Scotia 
Leonard Davis Advertising Inc. 
David Burwick Co.
Davis & Bannister, Inc. 
Davis Drugs Co. 
David Gessner Co. 
David Gould Enterprise 
Davis Industries, Inc. 
Davis Press 
Day Brothers, Inc. 
Day by Day 
Day Care Services 
Daytimer Shoe Co. 
Dead Sea Scrolls 
Deaf - see also Worcester County Hearing and Speech Center, Inc. 
Oliver M. Deenan & Sons, Inc. (Shrewsbury) 
Décor Furniture Co. (Gardenter) 
Decorator's Workshop 
Defense Industry 
Defraction Support Group 
Deker Industries 
Delinquents - see juvenile delinquency 
DeLong and Provost, Inc. 
Delux Parlor Furniture Co. 
DeMambro Radio Supply 
J.D. DeMichele, Ltd. 
Democratic Party 
Denholm & McKay Co. 
Denholm Project 
Denman & Davis Co. 
Dental Associations - see also Worcester District Dental Society 
Dental Care 
Dental Schools 
Design Concepts & Wire Products 
Design Circuits, Inc. 
Design Pak, Inc. (Marlboro) 
Destination Worcester
Development (County) 
Devens Commerce Center 
Devereux School 
Diabetes - see also Worcester Area Diabetes Society 
Diamond Fiber Products (Palmer) 
Diamond International Corp. 
Diamond Machining Technology Inc. 
Diamond Shoe Co. (Marlboro) 
Dick Brothers 
Dickens Fellowship 
Dietz Machine Works, Inc. (Hudson) 
Digital Equipment Corp. 
Diocese - Council of Catholic Men 
Diocese - History 
Diocese - Lay Apostolate 
Diocese - League of Catholic Women 
Diocese - Senate of Priests 
Dipierro Manufacturing Co. 
DirectiCOM, Inc. 
Disarmament - see Peace Groups 
Disaster - see Specific Kind 
Disciples of Christ, First Christian Church 
Discrimination - see Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination 
Discrimination in Employment 
Discrimination in Housing 
Discussion Groups on World Affairs 
Disease - see Health 
Dismas House 
Dispatch Inc. - see Communication System (city) 
District Attorney's Office 
Dis Yort Tape and Belt Co., Inc. (Paxton) 
Divining Rod 
Dobbs Beverage Co. (Shrewsbury) 
Doctors Hospital 
Doeskin Products, Inc. (Wheelwright) 
Dog racing 
Dogs - see also Animals 
H.A. Doherty Co. 
Dolan Oldsmobile Co., Inc. 
Domestic Violence 
Donahue Social Club 
Donations Clearinghouse
Harold D. Donohue Federal Building 
Dover Instrument Corps (Westboro) 
Charles Dowd Box. Co. 
Downey Side 
Downtown Area 
Downtown Business District Association 
Downtown Development Organization 
Downtown Park and Shop 
Downtown Worcester Development Corp. 
Dowsing Rod - see Divining Rod 
Draft - see Military Service 
Drake Petroleum Co., Inc. (Auburn) 
Drama (general, multiple groups, history) 
Drama - see also Specific Names 
- Blackbird Laboratory Theater 
- Calliope Productions 
- Cathedral Players 
- Entre Actors Guild 
- Fenwick Theater Co. 
- Foothills Theater 
- Little Theater Co. 
- E.M. Loews 
- New England Repertory 
- New England Theater Co. 
- Puppets & Puppetry 
- Sock & Buskin Storefront Theater 
- Theater Unlimited 
- Theaters (motion picture theaters & some stage companies noted for buildings) 
Draper Corp. 
Drem Machine Co. 
Drug Abuse 
Drum Association Of Worcester, Inc. 
Drummond Press, Inc. 
Drunk Driving - see Alcohol and Driving; MADD/SADD 
Dry Cleaning Businesses 
P.S. Dubrey Trucking Co. (Shrewsbury)  
Duddy's Product Co., Inc. (Westboro) 
Dudley Fire Apparatus Inc. 
Dudley Hall 
Dudley Plasticators, Inc. 
George E. Duffy Mfg. Co. 
Dummy Railroad - see Worcester & Shrewsbury Railroad 
Dump - see Refuse Removal 
Dun & Bradstreet Software 
Dunn & Co. 
Duplicon Co. 
Duracraft Corp. 
Duralite Co. 
Dynamy Program 
Dysautonomia Foundation 
Dyson's Bakery

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