Worcester Free Public Library

Worcester Clipping File

J & D Truck Inc. 
J. Baker Inc.
J. Homestock - see Levitz Furniture Co. 
J.B. Garland & Sons Feed Mill 
Jackson Sales and Manufacturing Co. 
Jail - see County House of Correction 
James P. Brown Co.
James River Massachusetts 
Jamesbury Corp. 
Janzten Inc. 
Jaycees - see Greater Worcester Jaycees 
Jefferson - see Holden 
Jefferson Rubber Works 
Jefferson Wire and Cable Corp.. 
Jehovah's Witness 
Jernberg Corp. 
Jerome Engineering Co. 
Jewelers Engineering Co. 
Jewish Clubs 
Jewish Community Center 
Jewish Family Service 
Jewish Home for the Aged 
Jewish Schools 
Jewish Service Center for Older Adults 
Jimmy Fund 
Job Corps 
Job Discrimination - see Discrimination in Employment 
Job Training Partnership Act 
Jobs for Bay State Graduates 
JOBS Program 
John Augustus Hall 
John Bath & Co.
John Birch Society 
John Hancock Life Insurance Co. 
John Street Church
John Woodman Higgins Museum - see Higgins Armory 
Johngate Fabric Artists 
Johnson - Elms Corp. (Boylston) 
Johnson & Bassett, Inc. 
Johnson Belting Co. 
Johnson Funeral Home - see Caswell King Co. 
Johnson Steel & Wire Co. 
Jordan Electric Products Div. of the Electric Storage Battery Co. 
Jordan Marsh Co. 
Joy of Movement Program 
Judge Morris M. Gould Institute 
July Fourth Coalition 
Junior Achievement Program 
Junior Colleges 
Junior League of Worcester, Inc. 
Justice of the Peace 
Juvenile Courts 
Juvenile Delinquency

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