Worcester Free Public Library

Worcester Clipping File

K-Mart Corp. 
Kangaroo Crossing 
Kansas Emigration Aid Company 
Kartiganer Hat Corp. (Upton) 
KayGee Signs 
Kay Distributors, Inc. 
Kay Jewelry Stores, Inc. 
Kelly Handle Co. (Clinton) 
Kelley Square 
Kelly Square Yacht Club 
Keltie Fold Club 
Kemco Corp. 
Kendall Sealer Co. 
Kenett Corp. (Westboro) 
Kennedy Die Casting 
Kenmore Transportation, Inc. 
Kent Manufacturing (Millbury) 
KenWeld Co., Inc. 
Kerner Report 
Kerner Report - Committee 
Kerns Casket Company 
Kesseli & Morse Co. 
Keystone Electrical Co. 
Kidney Foundation of Massachusetts 
Kim's Instrument Corp. 
Kinefac Corp. 
Kittredge Equipment
M.L. King Business Empowerment Center 
Dr. Martin Luther King Scholarship Foundation 
Kiwanis Club 
Kleven Shoe Sales CO. (Spencer) 
Knights of Columbus 
Knights of Pythias 
Knights Templer 
F.A. Knowlton Inc. 
Koch Process Systems Inc. 
Komtek Inc.
Kiehler Manufacturing Co. 
Kopin Corp
Koptec USA 
Korean War Veterans of Worcester County. 
Kranich Jewelers 
Kresge, S.S. Co. 
Kri-Cor Realty 
Krizik & Corrigan, Inc. 
Aaron Krock & Co. Inc. 
Edward Krock Industries, Inc. 
Kromology Corp. 
S.H. Kunin Felt Co., Inc. 
Ku Klux Klan

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