Worcester Free Public Library

Worcester Clipping File

A.J. Lane Co., Inc. 
C.C. Lowell & Co. 
E.B. Luce Co. 
E.F. Lawrence Candle Mfg. Co. 
E.M. Loew's Center for the Performing Arts 
J.B. Lowell, Inc. 
Joseph Leavitt Co. 
L & G Woodworking Co. 
L & J of New England 
L. Hardy Co. 
L.A. Grenier Wood Heel Co. (North
L.A. Grenier Wood Heel Co. (North Rutland) 
L.F. Harris Co. 
Labor News 
Labor Unions - see Unions 
Ladies Collegiate Institute 
Lake Wales Plastics Co. 
Lakes and Ponds (in general) 
Lakso Co. (Leominister) 
LaLeche League 
Lance Corp. (Hudson) 
Landlord & Tenant 
Language Teaching 
LaSalette Fathers 
Laser, Inc. 
Latin Association for Progress & Action - see ALPA 
Laundries, Commercial 
Lavigne Press 
Law Department 
Laws, John S. Institute—see Dynamy Program
Lead Paint 
Leadership School Foundation - see Dynamy Program 
Leading Edge Products, Inc. 
League of Women Voters 
Lebanese - see Syrians & Lebanese 
Lederman's Baking 
Leesville Pond 
Legal Aid 
Legal Societies 
Legislative Council for the Elderly 
Leicester Junior College 
Leiser Inc. 
Leland Gifford Co. 
Lenco Spring Co. 
Leon J. Barrett Co.
Leon Supply Co. 
Leo's Beauty Institute 
Levitz Furniture Co. 
Lewcott Corp. 
LFE Corp. (Auburn) 
Liberty Baptist
Liberty Mutual Insurance Co. 
Libraries - Worcester County 
License Board 
License Commission 
Life Line 
Lincoln Hospital - see Doctors Hospital 
Lincoln Lounge 
Lincoln Neighborhood Center 
Lincoln Pharmacy, Inc. 
Lincoln Square Church - see Burncoat Baptist Church
Lincoln Square Cooperative Ministry 
Lincoln Square 
Linders, Inc. 
Link Telecommunications, Inc. (Westboro) 
Linkletter, Robert Associates 
Lioness Clubs 
Lions Clubs 
Liquor Stores 
Literacy Clubs 
Lithuanian Clubs 
Little Franciscans of Mary 
Little League Baseball 
Little League ProCard Co. 
Little Report - see Economic Conditions 
Little Sisters of the Assumption - see also Pernet Family Health Services 
Litton Financial Printing 
Living and Learning School 
Living Here Tomorrow 
Livingston Engineering Corp. (Auburn) 
Livingston Photo Center 
Lodging Houses 
Logan Equipment Corp. 
Lombard White Co. 
Longden Co. (Holden) 
Loring & Blake Organ Co. 
Loring Coes Co. 
Lowe’s Home Improvement
Lowell Wrench Co. 
Lucent Technologies 
Lundgren Honda - see Richard's Honda 
Lundquist Tool and Manufacturing Co., Inc. 
Lusigan Brothers 
Lutco Inc. - see Lundquist Tool and Manufacturing, Inc. 
Lutheran Home For the Aged 
Lutheran Churches 
- Concordia 
- Emanual 
- Faith 
- Finnish 
- Greendale 
- Highland Street 
- Quinsigamond 
- San Juan (Spanish) 
- Trinity 
- Zion 
Lyman School 
Lynde Brook Dam 
Lyx Music Productions 

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