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Worcester Clipping File

MCM Studios 
M. Brown Inc.
M&H Tire Co. (Gardner) 
M.K.M. Hosiery Co. (Rochdale) 
M & M Transportation Co. 
McCarthy Reporting Service 
McCann Corp. 
MacNeill Engineering Co. 
Mac-Ben's Sporting Goods Store 
Machine Design Products, Inc. 
Machine Tool Industry 
Machinery Electrification, Inc. (Northboro) 
McDonald's Restaurants 
McInnes John C. Co. 
MacGuffog, Inc. 
J.F. McElwain Co. 
McLaurin-Jones Co. (Brookfield) 
Madison Wire & Cable Corp. 
E.W. Madigan Co. 
Magic & Magicians 
Maher, Inc. 
Mail Boxes, Etc. USA 
Main LaFrantz & Co. 
Main South 
Main South United Parish 
Main Street 
Main Street Ministry Council 
Maki, Electrical Inc. 
Mammoth Mart 
Management Clubs - see Administrative Management Soc., Worcester Chapter; Society for the 
Advancement of Management, Worcester Chapter; Central
Massachusetts Registry of Deeds
Massachusetts Employees Association 
Manager (City) 
Manchaug - see Sutton 
Manister, Inc. 
Manning Gibbs Shoe Co. 
Charles Manoog Inc. 
Manufacturing Management Science Inc. 
Marane Oil Co. 
Marathon House 
Marble Nye Co. 
March of Dimes - see also Polomyelitis 
Marcus CO. 
Mari Ellis Plastics Co., Inc. (West Warren) 
Mariano & Wright 
Marillac Manor - see Unmarried Mothers 
Mark Inc. 
Robert D. Marshall Carpenter Training Center 
E.F. Marsh Co. 
Marshall Greene Corp. (Millbury) 
Marshall Pond 
The Mart 
Martial Arts 
Martin Wall Covering Corp. 
Marwick, Mitchell & Co. 
Mary's Little Lamb 
Mason Research Institute 
Mason Worcester Co. 
Masonic Clubs 
Massachusetts Academy of Math & Science 
Massachusetts Air National Guard 
Massachusetts Association For Children with Learning Disabilities 
Massachusetts Association Of Insurance Women, Worcester Co. Group 
Massachusetts Association Of Paraplegics, Worcester Chapter 
Massachusetts Audubon Society 
Massachusetts Biomedical Initiative 
Massachusetts Biotechnology Research Institute 
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Science 
Massachusetts Container Recovery Inc. 
Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination 
Massachusetts Consumers Organization 
Massachusetts Credit Union Association, Inc. 
Massachusetts Dept. of Corrections - see Prisons 
Massachusetts Dept. of Education, Regional Office 
Massachusetts Dept. Environmental Protection 
Massachusetts Dept. of Revenue 
Massachusetts Dept. of Social Services 
Massachusetts Electric Co. 
Massachusetts Fair Share 
Massachusetts Heart Association; Worcester Area Chapter 
Massachusetts Human Services Dept. 
Mass Land League 
Massachusetts Legislature 
Massachusetts Material Research, Inc. 
Massachusetts Microelectronics Center 
Massachusetts Mothers of Twins, Worcester Chapter 
Massachusetts National Guard Military Museum 
Massachusetts Oxygen Equipment (Westboro) 
Massachusetts Parcel Delivery System 
Mass PIRG 
Massachusetts Protective Association, Inc. 
Massachusetts Real Estate Brokers Association, Worcester Chapter 
Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles - see also Brockelman Market 
Massachusetts Save Inc. 
Massachusetts Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children 
Massachusetts Society of Professional Engineers 
Massachusetts State Guard 
Massachusetts State Hospitals - see also Grafton State, Westboro State and Worcester State Hospitals 
Massachusetts State Police 
Massachusetts Steel Treating Corp.. 
Massachusetts Teachers Association 
Massachusetts Technical Referral Center (WPI) 
Massachusetts Water Resources Agency (MWRA) 
Mass Wholesale Drug Co. 
Massage & Therapy Association 
Master Home Builder Association of Worcester Co. 
Masterman's (Auburn) 
Matheson Apartments - see Chestnut Renewal Corp. 
Matka Corp. 
Matthews Manufacturing Co. 
Mattress Discounters 
Maurice Corp. 
Mayor's Neighborhood Service Center 
Mayor's Prayer Breakfast 
T.J. Maxx - see Zayre's 
Mead Corp. (Gardner) 
Mead Corp. (Leominster) 
Mechanics Bancorp, Inc. - see Mechanics Bank 
Mechanics Bank 
Mechanics Hall 
Mechanics Rubber Co. 
Mechanics Savings Bank - see Peoples Savings Bank 
Medal of Honor 
Media Resource Center 
Medical Center of Central Massachusetts 
Medical City 
Medical Examiner 
Medical Research 
Medical Research Institute 
Medical School - see also University of Massachusetts Medical School 
Medical Societies 
MediQual Inc. (Westboro) 
Mee Fashions 
Mekontrol, Inc. (Northboro) 
Melville Shoe Corp. 
Memorial Auditorium 
Memorial Grove 
Memorial Hospital 
Memorial Hospital Aid Society, Inc. High Fever Frolics 
Memorial Hospital School of Nursing 
Men's Groups 
Mended Hearts Club 
Mental Health 
Mental Hospitals - see Names of Institutions & Massachusetts State Hospitals 
Mental Retardation 
Mercantile Press 
Merchants & Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Co. 
Merchants Association 
Mercy Center for Developmental Disabilities 
Merrifield Building Trust, Inc. 
Merrifield Center - see Emotionally Disturbed 
Merrill and Usher Co. 
Merrill Lynch Co. 
Merrimack Laboratories 
Metals Processing Co. 
Methane Gas Recovery 
Methodist Churches 
- Aldergate 
- Covenant 
- Epworth 
- Park Ave. 
- Quinsigamond 
- St. Andrews 
- Wesley 
Metropolitan Area - see also Regional Planning 
Metropolitan District Commission 
Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. 
Metropolitan Millwork (should be a k)
Metropolitan Millwork & Supply Corp. (Marlboro) 
George J. Meyer Manufacturing Co. 
MICAH (Massachusetts Individuals Concerned About Housing) 
Micro-copy Service 
Micro Corp. (Westboro) 
Micro Networks Corps. 
Micro-Tech Manufacturing, Inc. 
Micro Tool Co., Inc. 
Micron Medical Products Inc. 
Mid Town Mall 
Midas Muffler Stops 
Middle Atlantic Transportation 
Mid State Insurance Co. 
Miers Separation's Inc. 
Migrant Workers 
Militia Activity 
Military History 
Military Service 
Military Wives of Worcester 
Milk Trade 
Mill Pond - see Smith Pond 
Mill Street 
Millbrook Distributors, Inc. 
Millbrook Processing Corp.. 
Millbury Furniture CO. 
Millbury Motors Co. 
Miller Fence Co. 
Miller Furniture Co. 
Mi-Lor Corp. (Leominster) 
Mimeograph Distributors, Inc. 
Mines and Mineral Resources 
Miniature Editions 
Miniature Tool & Die Inc. 
Minister's Assns. 
Minute Tapioca Co. (Orange) 
Minutemen Chapter, U.S. Army Association 
MIR U.S.A. (Leominster) 
Miss Worcester - see Pageants 
MITA Enterprises (Clinton) 
Mitchell Systems/Structural Programming Inc. 
Mobile Homes 
Model Cities Program 
Model Railways 
Modern Manufacturing Inc. 
Monarch Spring Mfg. CO. (Shrewsbury) 
Monday Quarterback Club of Greater Worcester 
Monson Chemicals Inc. 
Montachusett - see also Regional Planning 
Montgomery Ward Co. 
Montrose Products 
Moondance Yogurt Co. (Hubbardston) 
Moore Kirk Laboratories, Inc. 
Moore Survey and Mapping Co. (Shrewsbury) 
Moose, Loyal Order #608 
More Machinists for Central Massachusetts 
Morgan Construction Co. 
Morgan Memorial 
Mormon Church 
Thomas F. Moroney Co. 
Morro Castle (Steamship) 
Mosaic Fabrications Inc. (Sturbridge) 
Mostek Corp. 
Motels - see Hotels, Taverns, Etc. 
Mothers Against Drunk Driving - see MADD/SADD 
Mother of Twins - see National Organization of Mothers of Twins 
Motion Pictures 
Motor Boats 
Moulton Jewelry Co. 
Mount St. Ann 
Mt. Wachusett Community College 
Mountain Climbing 
Multibank Inc. - see Mechanics Bank 
Multiple Sclerosis - see also National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Worcester Co. Chapter 
Municipal Employees Association 
Municipal Government - Plan A 
Municipal Government - Plan B 
Municipal Government - Plan E 
Municipal Real Property 
James F. Murphy, Inc. 
Muscular Dystrophy 
Muscular Dystrophy Association Of America, Worcester Chapter 
Muscular Dystrophy Clinic 
Museums - see also Individual Names 
Music - see also Orchestras 
Music Festival 
Mustard Seed - see Catholic Workers 
Mutual Products Co. 
Mutual Savings Bank of Worcester 

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