Worcester Free Public Library

Worcester Clipping File

Oakdale—see West Boylston
Olektron Corp. (Webster) 
Olsen Mfg. Co. 
Olympic Races - see Rowing 
Olympic Sports Co. 
Olympic Trophy Mfg. CO. 
Omark Industries 
Omni Multi Media Group 
Omni Resource Co. 
Omnirel Corp. (Leominster) 
Omnitech Inc. (Dudley) 
One Exchange Place 
One Hundred Club 
150th Celebration 
One Stop Photo 
Open Door 
Open Space - see Conservation 
OpenService Inc.
Opportunities Industrialization Center (OIC) 
Optical Archives System Inc. 
Optical Corp. of America 
Option Care 
Optometrists Associations 
Optovac, Inc. (North Brookfield) 
Ordinances (City) 
Oread Institute 
Ortech Industries (Millbury) 
Oak Island - see Recreation Center 
Occupation Center - see Recreation 
Occupational Training Center 
Odd Fellows 
Office of Cultural Affairs 
Office of Human Service Programs 
Office of Planning and Community Development 
Office Space 
Offset Service, Inc. 
Off Street Parking Board 
O'Flynn's Stables 
Okonite Co. 
O'Laughlin Brothers (Athol) 
Old Car Club 
Old Colony Bank - see also Bank of Boston 
Old Sturbridge Village - see Sturbridge Village 
Old West Side Gang 
Orthodox Churches 
- Russian Church of the Risen Christ 
- St. George's Cathedral 
- St. Mary's Albanian 
- St. Mary's Assyrian Apostolic 
- St. Nicholas Romanian 
- St. Spyridon's Greek 
Ostrow Electric Co. 
Outdoor Sports Club 
Outlet Co. 
Overeaters Anonymous 
Owens Illinois Co. 
Oxfam America

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