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Worcester Clipping File

B.S. Roy Div. - see Smith-Roy Inc. 
R & A Machinery Co., Inc. 
R & D Products 
R & H Machinery Co., Inc. 
R & R Plumbing Supply 
Rabbits - see Worcester County Rabbit Breeders Assn. 
Racal-Redac Inc. (Fitchburg) 
RAD Lock Co. 
Radio Broadcasting 
Radio Maintenance Supply Co. 
Radio Shack 
Radio Stations (in general) 
Radio Stations- WCRN
Radio Stations 
Railroad Associations 
Railroad Stations 
Railroads - History 
Railroads - see also Providence and Worcester Railroad; Norwich and Worcester Railroad 
Rainbow Girls 
Ralphco, Inc. 
Ramsdell Industrial Supply Co. 
Randwall Instruments (Southbridge) 
Rand-Whitney Corp. (Leominster) 
Ranor Inc. 
Rape Crisis Center 
Raschel's Inc. 
Rasmussen Shoe Co. 
Rawson Mfg. Co. 
Raymond's Tire Center 
Raytheon Co. 
REA Express Co. 
Read and Co., Inc. 
Reading Institute 
Reading is Fundamental 
Real Estate Business 
Realty House 
Reciprocity Club 
Recombinant DNA Research - see UMASS Medical School; Worcester Foundation; WPI 
Record Corp. of New England (Webster) 
Recovery, Inc. 
Recreational Vehicles 
Red Cross, Worcester Chapter 
Red Men, Improved Order 
Redemption Rock 
Redevelopment - see City Planning 
Redistricting - see Election Districts 
Reed & Prince Mfg. Co. 
Reed Plastics Corp. 
Reed Prentice Corp. 
Reed Rolled Thread Die Co. (Holden) 
Refuse and Refuse Disposal 
RenaMed Biologies Inc.
Rescue, Inc. 
Reservoirs - see also Water Supply; Quabbin Reservoir 
Residence Inn by Marriott
Rest Home Association 
Restaurants, Lunchrooms, etc. 
Retail Stores - see Stores 
Retarded - see Mental Retardation 
Retirement Board (City and County) 
Revaluation (City) 
Revaluation (County_ 
Revenue Sharing - see Finance (City) 
Revet Environmental and Analytical Laboratories 
Revolutionary War 
Rex Monuments 
Rexnord, Inc. 
Rice, Barton Corp. 
Richard Healy Co. 
Richard Healy Co. 
Richard's Honda 
Richken of New England Inc. 
Ricky Bra Co. 
Riding Clubs 
Rifle Range 
Riker Jaynes Drug Store 
Riley Stoker Corp. 
Risdon Corp. 
Riverdale Mills Corp. 
Rivers, Streams, etc. - see also Names of Specific Bodies of Water 
RJV Plastics Co. (Marlboro) 
Roads - Private 
Roads- I- 84
- Route 2 
- Route 9 
- Route 12 
- Route 13 
- Route 20 
- Route 31 
- Route 32 
- Route 49 (Podunk Pike) 
- Route 122 
- Route 140 
- Route 146 
- Route I 190 
- Route I 290 
- Route I 395 
- Route I 495 
- Mass. Turn Pike (Route 90) 
Robbins Grain Co. (Oxford) 
Robert Hall Clothes 
Robert Industries, Inc. 
Robinson Metal Co., In c. 
Robinson Thread CO. 
Rob-Roy Coiffure Inc. 
Rochdale - see Leicester; Oxford 
Rockbestos—Supremant Cable—see Supremant Mfg.
Rocketry Clubs 
Rockport CO. (Marlboro) 
Rockwood Industries (Athol) 
Rockwood Sprinkler Co. - see Bliss - Rockwood Div; Firematic Sprinkler Co. 
Rodney Hunt Machine Co. (Orange) 
Roller Skating 
Rome Plastic Specialties, Inc. 
Romeo J. Ratte Co. 
Rona Plastics Corp. of Mass. (Leominster) 
Rongene Precision Products, Inc. 
Rooming Houses - see Lodging Houses 
Rose Family Enterprises - see also The Fair 
Ross Brothers Co. 
Rotary Clubs 
Rotman Plastics 
Rotman's Furniture Co. 
Rovac Corp. 
Rower Dental Supply - see Healthco Dental Supply 
Roxbury Carpet Co. 
Royal Institutional Services - see Institutional Linens, Inc. 
Royal Worcester Corset Co. 
Royalston Camera Works, Inc. 
Rozefsky, Inc. 
Rubbish Removal - see Refuse and refuse removal 
Runar West Engineering CO. 
Rural Housing Improvement 
Russell Harrington Cutlery Inc. 
Russell Mfg. Co. (Leicester) 
Rutland Heights Hospital 
Rutland Prison Camp Hospital 
Rutland State Hospital Sanatorium - see Rutland Heights Hospital 
Rutland Training Center 
Ryan's Bake Shop 
Ryder Truck Rental 
T. J. Rafferty & Co. 

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